Moonfall Cover
Moonfall Cover

Bonifaz & Matt Grissini +Band


Live-Album, 17.01.2005

01 Lifetime Intro
02 Scattered On The Dirty Floor
03 Withered Flowers
04 Forbidden Cries
05 Little Things
06 Cat Food (King Crimson Cover)
07 Flooded Flats
08 Rainsea
09 Empty Minds
10 Happy End
11 Those Were The Days
12 Absolutely Down (Hangman Tom Cover)
13 Pressure
14 Red Tail Of The Sun
15 Liquid Motion
16 Roses To The Lovers
17 „Heroes“ (David Bowie Cover)
Bonus Track:
18 Too Old

Album Credits:

Recorded live in Niederding on October 16th, 2004
Mixed and mastered at boneStudio
Produced by Bonifaz
Art-Photography: Matt Grissini
Stage Photo: Mike
Design: Bonifaz