Same Shoes Cover

„Same Shoes“, so heißt das neue Bonifaz-Album! VÖ: 28.07. | Vinyl | Download | Streaming

Setlist: Hotel Mayr-Wirt, Erding, 29.12.2017

Begin With An Ending The Professional Space Oddity [David Bowie Cover] Your Eyes Are Green Three Thousand Steps The Weight Of The World Confide In You Forgotten Years [Midnight Oil Cover] A Sad Uplifting Song Purple Rain [Prince Cover]

Interview für ED-live

Das Erdinger Informationsportal „ED-live“ hat eine neue Rubrik: Prominenz in Erding. Ich durfte hierfür einige Fragen beantworten. Viel Spaß beim Lesen des Interviews.

Video zu „Beyond The Horizon“

Das zweite Video aus dem Album „Backlog“ ist da! …eine „Ramonifaz Oha!“ Produktion. Viel Spaß mit einem individuellen Live-Take des Songs „Beyond The Horizon“.

Setlist: Aloft Hotel, München, 16.08.2016

Open The Tap Let Go Anchor Stronger Through The Years Three Thousand Steps Your Eyes Are Green Off The Rails A Sad Uplifting Song Constant Change Scattered On The Dirty Floor Windows Are Rolled Down [Amos Lee Cover] Another Mile Confide In You [feat. Sven Hollfelder] The Weight Of The World Maybe I Will Purple Rain [Prince Cover] [feat. Sven Hollfelder] Nothing Ain’t Missing With You [Romina Pris Song] Every Breath You Take [The Police Cover] [feat. Sven Hollfelder] Stay [Romina Pris Song]

Setlist: Sinnflut Festival, Erding, 25.07.2016

Begin With An Ending Brick Stronger Through The Years Three Thousand Steps Head Over Heels Space Oddity [David Bowie Cover] Most Confident Your Eyes Are Green Confide In You Liquid Motion [Matt Grissini Song] Off The Rails Nothing Ain’t Missing The Professional My Saviour Another Mile A Bandage And A Crutch Maybe I Will Perfect Movies [feat. Johannes Rothenaicher]